You will ♥ this: we sell the three best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the world!

How do we know it is the best olive oil? We follow the non-profit organistation World’s Best Olive Oils. World’s Best Olive Oils ranking is a real enrichment for the olive oil sector and provides a comprehensive guide to the most successful extra virgin olive oils of the world. It’s objective is to build the ranking of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils from the results of the major international competitions. They are an independant, expert-lead with it’s only interest in publishing an objective ranking (unlike rankings which are being established with personal or economic interests).

The ranking shows Andalucia and Extremadura, two southern regions of Spain, are the best producers of olive oil in Spain and, consequently, in the world. The reason why is because of their mild weather, which is very convenient for the olive tree, and because of the long tradition of olive oil producers that dates back to the Roman Empire.

Top 3 of the 2014 campaign:

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